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Whether you just had surgery, are suffering from blood loss or just had a baby, energy is an essential part to stay active throughout the day. Pharmics Nutrition is your source for a sufficient amount of gentle iron supplements and prenatal vitamins that will help you keep your energy and stay feeling great. We also offer a stronger dosage as well that is recommended to help combat, a common disease today, Iron Deficiency and it's side effects. These supplements from Pharmics Nutrition are also recommended for patients that undergo a successful bariatric surgery

If you have Iron Deficiency and the doctor recommened you to take daily supplements, but you have a sensitive stomach; Pharmics Nutrition is the leading supplier for gentle iron supplements that sensitive stomachs can withold and is easier for digestion than any other iron supplier.

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Nutritional Supplements For A Healthy Lifestyle

Iron deficiency is a common problem with most women, particularly pregnant women. A small percentage of men also suffer from iron deficiency.

Iron TabletsMultivitamin and prenatal vitamins provide essential nutrients that may be lacking from our diet. For a mothers health, and the health of her baby, it is recommended she take prenatal vitamins before, during and after pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are specially formulated multivitamins that may make up for any nutritional deficiencies in the mothers diet, particularly folic acid which may reduce the risk of having a baby with a serious birth defect in the brain or spinal cord. These supplements also contain gentle iron, and calcium among other vitamins.


Iron deficiency is a also a common concern for post weight loss surgery (WLS) patients. When iron deficiency progresses to anemia, and the anemia is finally detected, an unbalanced condition has already been well underway. The key to successful supplements is patient cooperation. Pharmics has developed a gentle iron that overcome the stigma needed for therapy, and are better tolerable for patients which results in more regular doses and a more thorough absorption.

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