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About Iron Supplements

At Pharmics, we understand the value and importance of iron in a daily diet. It is not only a basic component in building cells, but iron also provides the body with the necessary compounds to make hemoglobin and myoglobin, the proteins responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Iron provides the basis for numerous proteins in the body, but at times, it can be difficult to obtain the necessary intake of iron. We have made it easy to give your body the iron it needs in your diet with our iron supplement and products.


When should I consider adding an iron supplement to my diet?
If you suffer from low levels of iron, (as determined by your healthcare provider) you should consider adding an iron supplement to further booster you body's intake of the mineral. Iron supplements are used to treat both deficiencies and anemia, which can be caused by a variety of changes or needs of your body. Generally speaking, you are more likely to experience low levels of iron due to: dietary causes, such as inadequate absorption; increased requirements such as increases in endurance or other cardiovascular activities that require more oxygen, and; increased loss of iron due to abnormal bleeding, which is typically seen in women with heavy menstrual cycles. All of these forms of low iron levels can be treated effectively through the use of an iron supplement.



What iron supplement is right for me?
Pharmics Nutrition specializes in both tablet and liquid forms of iron supplements. Our iron tablets, are derived from Ferrous Fumarate, which is an ideal source of iron that is easily digestible compared to other supplements. We package our iron supplements with you in mind, our Ferretts iron supplement comes in small, scored tablets that are not only easy to swallow, but allow for flexible dosage depending on the recommendation of your physician. Our product is free from animal products, and is also gluten, sugar and dye-free, making it user friendly for individuals with unique dietary needs. Our tablets are also vegan and vegetarian safe.

We also offer Ferretts chewable iron which utlizes carbonyl iron which is a pure form of iron that is naturally regulated by the body, making it very gentle on the system. this iron supplement is good tasting and is well absorbed. This is a great iron product for those that have difficulty swallowing pills.

We also specialize in liquid iron supplement made from iron protein succinylate, whose liquid form and delivery system allows for greater absorption and tolerability. Our product is clinically proven to better tolerated than other forms of iron supplement, leading to less side effects such as constipation. The unique delivery system, a casein protective layer, allows the iron to pass from the stomach to intestinal trade efficiently and safely while minimizing the amount of time the supplement is in the body for it is absorbed.




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