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Do I need Iron?


Athletes usually appear to be incredibly healthy people. They tend to have a very healthy build and weight. However, exercise alone does not indicate a healthy body. There are many athletes who believe they can eat whatever they like because they exercise enough to burn off the calories but calories and weight should not be the only thing of importance especially to an athlete.

Athletes burn through calories much faster than most people. This also means that they burn through nutrients at a similar rate. Calories are easy to replenish and don’t take much thought but the rest of the nutrients a body needs are slightly more difficult to restore. These nutrients already take a well thought out meal plan for the average person and as a result of an increased intake, it takes a much more balanced and nutrient packed meal for an athlete.


This means that nutrients like iron that are already difficult to get on a daily basis must now be systematically included in every meal in a very specific amount in order to achieve optimal performance and health.

However, if finding the few foods that offer iron as an abundant nutrient are hard to come by or hard to swallow, athletes have to option to take health supplements to would offer them the normal dosage of nutrients. Because of the higher absorption of nutrients, athletes should consult with a physician to ensure they’re taking enough supplements for their activity level, weight, and age.