Do You Need Iron?

You might be at risk for an iron deficiency if you are one of the following people:

Athletes Young Women Pregnant Women Seniors Vegetarians

Iron is a crucial daily mineral that is essential to one's overall health and diet. Inadequate iron absorption creates a variety of symptoms and potentially dangerous medical conditions, such as fatigue and weakness, impaired immune system function, hair loss and dizziness and loss of balance. While iron deficiency is caused by a variety of things such as genetics, improper diet, etc. it is important that individuals take iron supplements to restore the body's balance.

Pharmics Nutrition is proud to offer low cost iron vitamins and supplements to help your body absorb its needed iron.

Are you at risk for iron deficiency?
Are you unsure if you are suffering from an iron deficiency or uncharacteristically low levels or iron? If so you should check with your healthcare provider. You may be in need of our low cost iron vitamins if you are an athlete, senior, young woman, pregnant woman or vegetarian or vegan.

Most individuals consume enough iron in their daily diets, however other factors such as inability to absorb iron, make the above groups more prone to low levels of iron. Pharmics understands that many groups are susceptible to low levels or iron, and we offer low cost iron vitamins to make it as affordable as possible.

Why are these groups of individuals more prone to iron deficiency?
Senior citizens, for example, are more likely to develop chronic conditions that can affect iron status and are more likely to have a low intake of Vitamin-C rich foods that help the body absorb iron more efficiently. Meanwhile, because iron is the primary carrier of oxygen to cells in the bodies, athletes, particularly endurance athletes simply need more iron to meet all their performance needs.

Women also are more susceptible to iron deficiencies for a variety of reasons. Heavy blood loss during the menstrual cycle makes young women more at risk for iron anemia. And for pregnant woman, an increased amount of iron is necessary to provide for a growing baby. Our low cost iron vitamins are ideal for women who have a variety of needs.

Here at Pharmics Nutrition, our iron vitamins are not only high quality, but a low-cost make managing your low levels of iron manageable.


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