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Do I need iron?

Pregnant Women

Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy diet is never as important as it is during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the mother is providing for both herself and her baby and it can be difficult to include all the important vitamins needed for a healthy diet.

Making sure that your body is ready for pregnancy can be very difficult. It is an important time in the women’s life but it is also an extremely important time to be mindful about what is going into her body. Everything that goes in has a direct impact on the baby’s growth and overall health. O-Cal Prenatal vitamins have been designed to provide the most important nutrients in order to help the development of the fetus and health of the mother. With easy to swallow tablets that are easy on your body’s system, they will help get the iron that helps support the blood development of both you and your baby. It is important to remember 80% of a new born baby's iron stores are accumulated in the third trimester of pregnancy.


After your pregnancy while the baby is experiencing its earliest stages of life it is important to provide it the essential nutrients that are necessary to grow and flourish. Maintaining a balanced diet to aid in the recuperation of your depleted nutrients to sufficiently provide during nursing and ensure your baby has plenty of healthy support is crucial.

The most important nutrients for healthy development are folic acid, iron, and calcium. O-Cal FA and O-Cal Prenatal Multivitamins are excellent sources of all 3 these essential nutrients. By using our carefully combined multivitamins you can know that both you and your baby are receiving the right amount of the extremely important nutrients.