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Do I need Iron?


Seniors have spent their entire lives worrying about something or other. Now they’ve reached the age where they can just sit back, relax, and enjoy what they’ve been building their whole lives. 

Of course, there are a few things that must be adhered to in order to enjoy the rest easy life longer. There are pills for this and pills for that. On top of that, you must watch what you eat to keep cholesterol levels down or anything else. 

With the changes your body is undergoing your body is using more nutrients than it did before but unfortunately it is also absorbing fewer nutrients than it did before. 

As people age their absorption ability decreases resulting in lack of sufficient nutrients even though their diet remains the same well balanced diet as before. It is also likely that the diet prior to aging was not the well balanced diet that is ideal. Therefore their nutrient content will severely be lacking as a senior.

 This can easily be remedied by taking nutritional supplements such as iron supplements. The dose should be discussed with your physician to ensure the optimal absorption for an enjoyable senior life.