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Do I need Iron?

Young Women

As a young woman, there are many things that she has to worry about. There are many things that she must protect herself from. Despite the outwardly cheerful personality a young woman may have, there are many stresses that arise from simply being a woman that are constant concerns.

There are many constant and deeply embedded fears as well as superficial and harmless vanity concerns. Of these worries is the worry of gaining weight. It is a common concern amongst young women who want to look spectacular everyday. This concern often leads to dieting and increased physical activity. This reduction in food intake and increase in physical activity can cause an imbalance in the body’s nutritional stability. This can result in key ingredients like iron to be reduced to almost nothing just as it happens with anyone who is trying out a new diet or a new sport. However, there is a particular difference when it comes to young women.

Young women tend to have lower iron levels on average regardless of diet or physical activity due solely to the fact that they are women. This is due to the monthly menstruation cycle in which a young women will lose a significant amount of blood which carries with it high amounts of the body’s iron content. These low levels of iron will often result low energy levels and lethargy. Consistent low iron levels will lead to anemia, an iron deficiency illness.

In order to prevent becoming anemic, a young woman must only note if she is irrationally tired and if she is, when it is occurring. This will help recognize that she is on the verge of becoming anemic. In order to prevent this, it is suggested that young women take iron supplements to combat the general lack of iron found in most people in addition to the lack of iron caused by menstruation.